An offshore transition piece often referred to as a TP is a vital component in offshore wind turbines. It connects the turbine's foundation (usually a monopile or jacket) to the tower, providing stability, cable routing, and access for maintenance. It's typically made of steel and is crucial for the turbine's stability and functionality in harsh offshore environments.

The design and construction of transition pieces are critical to the overall stability and reliability of offshore wind turbines, as they must withstand the harsh offshore environment and support the heavy loads imposed by the turbine and rotor blades. The design and manufacturing process for transition pieces have evolved to meet the growing demand for offshore wind energy, which plays a crucial role in renewable energy production and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With over 20 years of offshore wind experience, Smulders offers a full range of services from engineering and fabrication to the complete turnkey solutions (EPCI) of transition pieces, jacket foundations and floating foundations.

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